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Meeting Today with IBESR about Adoption

I had a meeting this morning with the new adoption section of IBESR and wanted us to come and talk about matching some of the children with families whose dossiers have been put into IBESR by an agency.  This is the second time we’ve been there for matching and have found there are a couple of glitches in their system!

The matches that we talked about 2 weeks ago still have not been sent out!  IBESR is sending them to the agency’s representative in Haiti who then must scan and send via email to the agency.  If that is not possible for the representative, then they must send it via the post office!

Our of our 12 children without matches who have already been declared adoptable, we were able to match only 3 of them.  The rest are special needs or hard to place children.  Special needs/Hard to place are HIV positive, developmental delays, older children, or sibling groups.  IBESR says they will send the list of the special needs children to a couple of our agencies asking them to search for families for the children.  We told them that we would be open to working with other agencies if they had families who qualified to adopt these special needs children.  We asked if we would be able to see the family’s dossier before approving and they told us “yes”!  So that makes us feel much better.

The new law has been sent to the Moniteur for prining and IBESR has been told that it will be printed next week! This is GOOD news and the lawyer at IBESR said that once it’s printed then it will be in effect.  At that point, all dossiers waiting for dispensation will be treated like a normal dossier and dispensation will no longer be required! This is especially good news for those parents whose dossiers are waiting for dispensation or are “stuck” in dispensation and not being signed and sent back to IBESR.  This will be a BIG blessing!

Monday is a holiday in Haiti and so all government offices will be closed. We have a couple of dossiers waiting to be signed by the director of IBESR but she has been out of the office in the last month more than she has been in IBESR!  She is there today, but has not signed the dossiers yet.

Another IBESR worker who is in charge of all of the dossiers, the ones in dispensation, all of those waiting to go to the director’s office and those with any problems has been sick for at least a week.  We tried to get into his office today, but we were told that he is still not there!  We hope he will be back on Tuesday after the holiday.

We were also told that eventually, IBESR is wanting all children to come through them before being placed in orphanages. I think this is going to be very difficult for families to do this.  It will take a lot of advertising by IBESR because right now parents know they have to find an orphanage themselves if they want to place their children somewhere.  I told the lawyer that this is good idea as long IBESR places them evenly with orphanages. They have a history of placing them with only certain orphanages or putting the healthy babies in their “friends” orphanages and only the sick, handicapped, older children in other orphanages!!

So overall, it was a good meeting and we felt like everything was very positive!  Keep praying for the matching process and parents coming for 2 weeks to bond with their children at the beginning of the process.  We took 2 more children’s dossiers to IBESR today so hopefully will be able to match them in about a month.  Please pray for us as we try to find the birth families to take them to IBESR for their interviews.  We have found this to be the most difficult part of the process so far!

We are really looking forward to getting families here for their two week visits and then the new adoption process will actually seem real to us!  Trying to get used the new process is very stressful and we’ve had a couple of near meltdowns as we do what we think is correct to have IBESR tell us they want something more!  But IBESR will eventually decide everything that they need done and we’ll feel much more comfortable with the whole process!

And life in Haiti goes on… 

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