Merry Christmas from Everyone at GLA!

Christmas Eve we had a large pizza party for all of the workers at GLA.  I counted 80+ people there for the lunch and opening of gifts!  I was surprised that so many of the workers came on their day off to participate. We decided to have a party just for the workers this year so that we could honor them and their service to GLA.

For Christmas Day, we celebrated with activities just for the children. The children waited with anticipation for Christmas Day to get here!  There were presents under the tree that they knew were for them and it was difficult for the children This to see them everyday but then have to wait for Christmas Day to arrive.  This morning after the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible and a short discussion of the true meaning of Christmas, they finally got to open their gifts!  All of the gifts were donated by people especially for Christmas for the children.

We were very blessed when Orphan’s Treasure Box donated funds for Christmas Day meals for the children and staff.  The children started off with scrambled eggs for breakfast, then hot dogs on a stick wrapped in crescent rolls, chicken nuggets, french fries, fruit on a stick, and cupcakes for lunch!  We wanted something fun for their lunch this year.  The staff had a more traditional meal of fried chicken and rice. Their supper will be a small meal because at 4 PM they will open stockings which are full of candy and small toys!  They always have a little bit of a sugar high by the end of Christmas Day.

God has blessed us so much in 2018.  The children are healthy and happy.  Our staff is loyal and hard working and we love and rely on Jesus every single day!  We want to thank everyone who has helped GLA in someway this year.  Without your help, we could not continue to care for the children and help families in the community.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and may you prosper, have good health, and be happy for 2019!

Remember that Jesus was born, lived, and died for us.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so have Faith and Believe in Him.  Because with Jesus by our side, we can weather any storm.  Blessings to you all!











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