God’s Littlest Angels

Merry Christmas from everyone at God's Littlest Angels!

Merry Christmas everyone and THANK YOU so much for your incredible support!!

Each year seems to pass so quickly here in Haiti.  I think it’s because we are so busy that the days flow together and the next thing we know…it’s Christmas again!

The last two years have been difficult financially for GLA.  Our income was cut in half when adoptions were held up for so long.  We cut down on some of our programs, put some full time staff on part time status, have schedules for when the generators can run, and have new criteria for when children can be admitted to the orphanage.  We have tried to cut expenses as much as possible. Instead of children averaging 2 years in the orphanage they are staying for 3+ years!  Hopefully, Haitian Social Services will start moving faster in 2016 so that children can go to forever families quickly.

Even through these difficult times, God has been by our sides.  He has led us through the highs and lows of life in Haiti.  He has always provided but it’s stressful not having enough funds for all of programs in Haiti.

If you are able to donate this Christmas Season, please keep GLA in mind. God Bless you for helping the children of Haiti through your donations.








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