Here at God’s Littlest Angels, we love to celebrate milestones!  


We anticipate and celebrate when an itty bitty is big enough and strong enough to return home with their families.  We’re blessed to be able to witness first smiles and to listen as little ones find their voices.  When a baby is finally strong enough to hold their head up and look around the room, we feel so proud!


We get excited when a first tooth finally pushes its way through.  We love to walk into the NICU/step-down nursery, and see the nannies helping a little one practice sitting up.  We’re so excited when wobbly, long-awaited first steps are taken!  We love to watch as the toddlers learn to walk up and down the stairs to go on their walks.  It’s so exciting to watch the “big” 18 month olds walk down the stairs, clinging to the railing, as they fearfully and excitedly venture to school for the first time.  


We’re so thankful for all of these little lives with which God has blessed us and entrusted to us!  Each one is unique and so special!

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