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More dossiers released by IBESR for the Children's Court

Yesterday we received 17 dossiers from IBESR for our abandoned children to be taken to the Children’s Court so they can be signed by the mayor and then be proposed to families. We already have 4 dossiers down there waiting to be finished so the biological parents can come and sign them. They are have been there at least 6 weeks but having trouble getting them signed. Pray that things will keep on moving…

I have heard of other creches having children matched recently and hopefully if we can get some of the above dossiers through the Children’s Court, then we will have several matched too.
It has been very frustrating and depressing the changes and the stopping and starting of adoptions in Haiti. Hopefully, things are back on track and matches are being made and families are coming for their socialization 2 week stay.

Presently, no new dossiers are being accepted at IBESR until 1st of October. Maitre Guillaume, the IBESR adoption lawyer, told us yesterday that IBESR will no longer take lists of possible matches from this point forward but will honor the lists that we already gave him in the past. I’m starting to be a little skeptical of what they tell me because it seems to change according to the person you are talking to at IBESR, but this is what we were told yesterday by the head of the adoption section.

Please pray for adoptions, the children and families who are waiting.

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