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More Help Needed to Get the Container to Haiti

We have just a few days left before we need to pack and send the container from Colorado Springs to Haiti.  We are very thankful that we have received about $2000 to ship the container but it’s not enough.

We have had donations come in and we have food donated by Kids Against Hunger and Diapers given to us at cost by a local market in Pueblo, Colorado.  We have Baby Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Powder, Baby Wash, Moist Wipes for diaper changing, high chairs, toys, clothes, building supplies, office supplies, and all of those things we need in Haiti to run the orphanage, build at Fort Jacques, and run the office!

These supplies have been sitting in our office in Colorado for months and we need them in Haiti.  Please help us get them here! 

With the new adoption process at IBESR we are going to be getting less childcare funds from the agencies but are supposed to maintain our high level of care.  It doesn’t matter if we already have a high level of care and other orphanages have less services for the children, we will not receive more funds!  We have been told by IBESR that we must find our own way to get more donations and take care of the children.

We think bringing in some donated supplies that are very costly here and also applying for a franchise so we will not taxed on these supplies brought in is one way for GLA to save money.  We will always buy locally if needed and if we can.  Most of the supplies we use here in Haiti are already imported by the market and have their costs included in the price we must pay.  Very little of what we use here except for vegetables and fruit are grown in Haiti.  These things we purchase from the local street markets and support the families in our area selling these items.

Please make a donation today and help us get these items to Haiti.























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