Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Medical Ministry is focused predominantly on neonatal premature intensive care. As a result of the lack of prenatal medical care, poor maternal nutrition, and the hard life that many mothers must live, many infants are born premature or with low birth weights. Most of these infants struggle to live and many die due to lack of proper care.

God’s Littlest Angels was founded to help these infants survive that initial neonatal period where so many infants are lost due to hypothermia, dehydration, infection, weakness and the inability to suck on a normal bottle. Our survival rate is over 90% for all preemies admitted to the nursery. After treatment, the majority of these infants are able to return home to their families.

Sponsor the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Sponsor the NICU program is designed to give GLA a guaranteed monthly income which enables us to supply free medical care for those who do not have the means to pay. Most of our children coming in for assistance are needing to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at least initially to ensure that they are on the road to thriving. They need IV therapy, oxygen, special medication, and other life-saving therapy. The machines associated with this care require the generator to run night and day so we can operate the oxygen machines and incubators, which are required to keep the children stable. The cost of their stay is very high.

Once the babies are well, most return to their birth families. When you sponsor a NICU bed, it’s an excellent way for organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to healthcare in Haiti. Sponsoring a bed pays for all of the things that are essential to providing good quality care –IV Fluids and tubing, medications, oxygen supplies, dressings, emergency supplies, CPAP breathing equipment and much more.

Make a difference by sponsoring the NICU today!

The GLA NICU is what stands between life and death for many of these babies. Partnering with us means offering Haitian families the chance to see their tiny baby live and thrive even when born too little and too early. Sponsors have the privilege of receiving monthly updates that include a current photo and a little story about what’s been happening in the NICU.

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