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New Procedure for All Matches at IBESR and other news

I went to IBESR today because I needed to see the Director and have begged for an appointment for at least 6 weeks and they keep putting me off and then they told my staff it would be October before I could see her!  So today I went down thinking I would sit and wait and hope I could talk to her!  Thankfully one of the people in her office heard why I wanted to see her and told me to come back on Thursday before 9 AM and she would try to get me in for 5 minutes.  Please pray that she can see me!  This is a very urgent matter and I leave on Friday for 2 weeks in the States.

While there, I went upstairs to the adoption office and spoke to Felyne and Mme Sawadogo.  I had a list of suggestions for matches and we updated the list and I gave it Felyne.  She told me that effective immediately they would no longer take suggestions for matches from the creches!  I was devastated to say the least.  Mme Sawadogo said that as they move forward in incorporating Hague recommendations, IBESR will do all of the matching.

They said the foreign agencies can still make recommendations for difficult to place children (handicapped, older, and siblings) but the creches are not to know the dossiers for the families anymore.  They would like us to send a separate document similar to the proposals we used to write for our adoptive families giving them as much information about the children from our perspective.  They suggested we talk to their nannies, their teachers, and the people in charge and then right up the recommendations we have for placement of the children.  For example if a child is very active and a little naughty, we might suggest that this child only be placed with a married couple who are active people.  We would also make sure to write about the personality of the child, how they do in school, special problems that we have noted, etc.

I was very honest with them and said this change is difficult for us.  IBESR has never done the matches before and we’ve always matched and then the social worker says either YES or NO to the match.  I have concerns about them matching the children and doing good matches.  They understood my concerns but said that their whole adoption model/process has changed and with the added interviews with the birth families they have much more information about the children then they had before.  They also have a complete dossier from the creches to use.  

What they say is true but I’m going to have to see it to believe that it’s the best thing for our children!  I told them that these children are like our own children.  We want very good families for them.  Families we would have confidence in for our babies.  They told me that we just needed to trust them.  Let’s all pray about this!

I am for reform as long as it benefits the child.  I am also a believer that if the system had not been abused throughout the years, reform would not have been needed but too many countries have abused adoptions.  We will embrace the reform of adoptions in Haiti and we will pray a umbrella of protection around our children. We will also pray that IBESR will make matches for these children that are the best matches for each and every child. And we will have faith that God loves those children more than any of us could ever love them and will protect them.

We also found out that we must turn into the office of the Children’s Judge, the folder of the original documents for the children so that the final relinquishment by the birth family or the Mayor for abandoned children can be signed.  We were told that if they have not called us within 1 week to come with the birth family then we must go and check with them and push them to do it quickly.  The family goes signs and then we will receive the relinquishment.  I am very anxious to receive our first relinquishment so that these 4 children can be matched with their families.  Will keep you posted how it goes…

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow that the IBESR director will have time to meet with me and will give me a positive response to our problem!


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