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News from IBESR and Another Dossier Released!

Slowly, we are getting the dossiers out of IBESR.  Magaly did not tell me last night, but she received another dossier that has been waiting months for just one signature! For the 6 remaining families, I know that it seems like it will never happen, but the 4 dossiers that have been released in the last week show us that with perseverance you too will overcome that hurdle called IBESR!

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook have read my mini posts about the frustrations of dealing with IBESR.  We visit and we are told to come back tomorrow or to call tomorrow and then tomorrow they will say the same thing again!  The people who have the authority to sign dossiers or give proposals are so busy they do not have the time to do these important things!  They must learn to delegate, to hire qualified staff for giving proposals, and to stop making our babies wait!

We had so hoped that the new process would be quicker.  We knew the interview process with the biological parents would take time, but once it was finished and the children were declared adoptable, we expected quick referrals of the children to adoptive families.  It started out well and then the person who was in the position to make those referrals and started the new program quit on December 31st!

Now a new lawyer is in charge but he has other jobs at IBESR.  So now we wait.  I think he is trying to review the files and get a handle on what needs to be done but because he has so much work, it is hard to do!  Please, we need to say a special prayer for referrals and that children will not have to stay any longer in the orphanage than necessary.

Magaly and I continue to fight for GLA’s dossiers and it’s working!  I have been not feeling very well this week.  But next week, I will also be going to IBESR to try and get dossiers out and children referred to families.  Please keep Magaly and I in your prayers and all of the staff of GLA as we work to thread our way through the maze that they call IBESR.

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