Late last month, our NICU became the temporary home to 6-week old twin boys and their mother. These little ones were born small and weighed just 3 lbs. 14 oz. and 4 lbs. 15 oz. when they arrived here. These boys had suffered from poor nutrition, despite the exceptional efforts of their mother, and were anaemic.

Blood transfusion

Blood products here in Haiti can be difficult to obtain due to limited donors, frequent closure of the blood bank and availability of type specific blood. As we have done many times before, we transfused blood to these babies directly from a compatible donor. They received smaller volumes of blood over three days to minimize the risk of reactions.

One of the small twins with his sweet mom

Two weeks on, these boys are thriving! Their hemoglobin has improved significantly and their weight is increasing with regular breast milk and supplemental feeds.

We are so passionate about empowering families through education to provide for their children and are so excited to see these little twins go home with their loving mother within the next few weeks.

Last week we took Baby J for an ECHO and X-Ray in an effort to identify the cause of his oxygen dependency. His X-Ray revealed that Baby J has a condition called Cardiomegaly (enlarged heart). Due to the large size of his heart, Baby J’s lung availability is deceased, therefore contributing to his breathing difficulties. We are hoping to perform some more tests soon to identify how we can best support this little guy in the future.

Baby J

Baby J has been struggling with a respiratory illness for the past few days and declined rapidly this morning. He has been commenced on CPAP and is breathing much more effectively after some respiratory medications. This little guy has lived with us since February and is so loved here in our NICU!

Ansanm an nou bati kay seyè a; Together we build the Lord’s house

Specific prayer points for this week:
– Please pray for Baby J as he adjusts to the CPAP. Pray that he will continue to respond well to his respiratory medications and recover from his congestive illness.
– Pray for little Baby M as he continues to grow in our NICU.
– Pray for our twin boys and their beautiful Momma. Pray that her breastmilk supply will continue to increase and that we can transition them smoothly back home soon.   

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