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Oh Me, Oh My, Chicken Pox in our NICU! Prayers appreciated!

The week was going pretty good.  The babies all seemed stable and growing.  Then I walked into the NICU yesterday morning and this little guy, Derlain, greeted me with Chicken Pox! He only had a few on his face and stomach but we were sure that is what he had and our pediatrician just came and verified it even though she didn’t believe it at first!  So our NICU is under quarantine for now.

Today, he has them all over him even up by his eyes!  So this morning when I went into check on him, they have covered him with Calamine lotion.  But he seems to being feeling ok and he was still smiling and sucking away on his pacifier.  They don’t seem to be bothering him too much.

Where in the world a 5 month old baby was exposed to chicken pox, I don’t know.  Mom and Dad were coming to visit him but mom ran away at Christmas time to “party” and hasn’t come back.  I get so upset when parents do this.  They assume that they can just leave their child here and that way they don’t have to have the personal responsibility of caring for a sick child.  Mom and Dad are very young.  The mother I think was 18 years old and the dad was in university here in Haiti.  But this is still their child and I am willing to feed and care for him, but I want their involvement.  They love him and were very attentive when they were here with him, so it’s confusing that they would just run off and leave him.  Please pray for Derlain that he won’t have any complications from this illness and please pray for his parents that they will get in contact with us soon and at least come visit him.  Derlain was born with club feet and a deformity of both wrists which can be helped with therapy.  The therapy is $25 each week.  Would anyone like to sponsor Derlain’s therapy?  He hasn’t been going to therapy since mom left.  He needs to start back.

Donald is our baby born with Spina Bifida.  The opening in his back was getting smaller and healed over.  It still needed surgery to close completely but we thought we at least stopped the infection around the area.  Then  yesterday I walked into the nursery and I was shocked to see how much his head had grown in just a few days!  He had been asleep when I went in before so I had not noticed.  We had checked into surgery for Donald and a private hospital close to us wanted $7000 USD to do the surgery and put in a shunt.  We can’t afford that type of money and so I was trying to get information about any neurosurgical teams that might be coming to Haiti on a short term mission trip to put in shunts.  There are none coming until April at the earliest.

Please say a prayer for Donald right now.  His head is huge compared to a week ago.  His eyes are starting to show a lot of the white area around them and I am so afraid of brain stem damage from the pressure on the brain.  The only saving grace here that Donald also is missing a bone in his forehead we think.  We can’t feel it and that missing bone is allowing the fluid on his brain to push outward rather than inward.  We just need to get surgery before he has permanent brain damage. UPDATE: Our pediatrician called around and Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince is willing to see Donald early Monday morning.  They now have a neurosurgeon who will take a look at him and see if they can help.  Our pediatrician does not think he can wait until April for surgery.  Please pray for funds to do a CT scan on him.  The cost is around $500.

Some of you may remember a baby who was here and just went home in January 2016.  The photo to the right is Soyara leaving with her mother in January.

Soyara was born with Syphilis and we treated her while here.  She ate and got strong although she was still very little for her age.

Soyara’s mother just cannot care for her.  We think she has no food to give her.  Soyara is back at GLA.  She has been followed by a clinic in the area where they live and she has been sick from the time she went home.  She has had diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and now has pneumonia! Her weight is also down from when she left us in January.

My head nurse was very hard on the mother when she brought Soyara back to GLA.  She told her that we had taught her the things she needed to know to care for Soyara and she had not done them!  She told her we had said that she must wash her hands every time before touching bottles or spoons for Soyara or even anyone in the household.  We explained that Soyara is fragile and maybe her 3 year old brother has not problems with things not being exactly clean, but Soyara does not have enough resistance built up to handle those germs.

Soyara is here for assistance but I may just keep her for a little while until I know she is very strong.  The mom is so thin and week herself.  I would really like to start a fund for parents like Soyara and John’s mothers who love their children but just have no funds to care for them or buy them food.  Would anybody be interested in helping us preserve the family unit here in Haiti by donating to a family fund?  For around $300 USD per business, we could set these mothers up in a small business where they can earn money to support themselves and their children.  We have had success with this for some mothers.  It gives them back a feeling of self worth to be able to work and support their families.  If you are interested, then please donate and write in the remarks box “Family Preservation Fund”.

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Samuel (to the right) and Cleef (below) are both doing great! They are growing and smiling and happy babies.  These two are good babies and don’t cry too much and are so cuddly to hold!

Cleef’s father came to visit us because we wanted to talk to him about going to a vocational school.  He came by himself and we asked him where the mother was.  It seems he sent her to the countryside because she was so upset about leaving Cleef at the orphanage.  How sad is that? 

We want mom to come so we can sit and talk to dad and mom and offer dad the opportunity to go to a trade school or maybe if he has skills already then to help him do a small business so that he can support his family and keep them together.  We are hoping if the father sees that there is hope of keeping his family together that he will change his mind about keeping Cleef in the orphanage.  Please pray for this family and baby that God will provide away for them to stay as a family unit.

Kervens was so sick just a few weeks ago.  He had an IV and oxygen and was not doing well.  Look at Kervens now!  I love him so much!  He smiles and plays and is a happy little guy. He seems to be back on the road to a healthy life.  We still need to run some more tests to make sure all is well but from these photos you can see that he is doing much better!

Then there is the tiny guy of the NICU, Kenson!  Kenson is 3 pounds 4 ounces.  He still looks like a little old man but is drinking very well from a bottle and has never needed oxygen or any medication at all!  He seems to be very healthy.

We just need to wait for Kenson to grow and get big.  He will probably be here for a while before going back home to his aunt since his mother is mentally handicapped and cannot care for him.  Please pray that this tiny one does not get Chicken Pox!

Kenson needs some sponsors.  In fact, all of these kids need sponsors!  Please consider sponsoring an Orphan even though these children aren’t technically orphans, but they need someone who will help feed them and buy medicines for them.  Is God calling YOU to sponsor one of these little ones?

If you would like to sponsor one of these children, you can click on the sponsorship button and it will take you to a page where you can sign up to sponsor.  You will receive monthly updates and photo of the children as long as they are living at GLA.

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