As we are starting to make preparations to celebrate the hope and joy of the Christmas season with the children here, our expat staff can’t help but pause and be overwhelmed with gratitude as our traditional Canadian and United States Thanksgiving holidays come to pass. This season of giving thanks can’t be had without looking at all of the blessings that we are able to heap on the children here as a result of your prayers and generous giving. God’s Littlest Angels isn’t a long term solution for a family, but in the transition, we are so grateful to be able to offer the children a safe, secure, and dry home, three meals a day, snacks, clean water, medical care, warm baths, a staff that knows and loves the children dearly, and so much more! Thank YOU for making that possible!

Generous donors provide everything that is needed to care for the children at GLA. Sometimes, money is given. Sometimes, teams and volunteers collect items and bring them here when they come to serve. Other times, items are sent to our Colorado office to be shipped over on future containers being sent to Haiti. However the blessings come, we are so grateful for the way God provides for the children through you. Your blessings have a ripple effect as the work of caring for children and growing our campus provides jobs for many Haitian locals who, in turn, are able to provide for their families as a result of having a steady income.

There have been many times when we are out of an item that is used for daily care of our children and before we can even put out a request, a team shows up with a suitcase full of the item in need. In the same way, when bills related to daily life need to be paid, without fail, God impresses on someone to give the exact amount needed. The Lord’s provision is absolutely perfect and His love is steadfast. Thank you for making it possible for us to continue to do the work of providing children a home in this chapter of their story. Your prayers and generosity encourage our hearts. Thank you!

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