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One Of Our Nannies Passed Away Last Week

Margareth BauzilMargareth Bauzil was only 33 years old when she died on the 29th of November.  She was a widow with 5 small children ages 13, 11, 9, 8, and 6.  Maragreth’s mother and father are not living and as the oldest child of the family, she had been responsible for her younger brother and sister since their death.  The brother is 28 years old and going to school to be a plumber.  The sister is 18 years old and still in high school.

Margareth was a great nanny.  She loved the kids and took very good care of them.  She was dependable and had a joyful nature as you can see by the smile on her face.

Shortly after she started working at GLA in 2011, she would get headaches.  We took her blood pressure and it was very high.  I believe it was 240/180!  We put her on medication to lower it and then sent her to the clinic to see the doctor.

In October, Margareth could not keep her blood pressure down in a normal range.  She went to the doctor and he put her on different medication but it did not help.  A week before her death, she was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure and swelling.  The doctors could do nothing for her and she died on the 29th of November leaving her children orphans.

This is so sad and our hearts ache for her family.  The 28 years old brother is now responsible for her five children and the sister.  He has no job and the family do not have money to bury Margareth. If you would like to send a small donation to help her family with funeral costs, please go to the DONATE NOW button above and make your donation. Put in the remarks that this is for “nanny”.

Life is difficult in Haiti.  It breaks our hearts that there are five more orphans in the GLA family.  Please keep Margareth’s family in your prayers.











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