God’s Littlest Angels

Orphan Sunday 2 November 2014

“Defend the cause of the fatherless…” Isaiah 1:17

Orphan Sunday is a day for your church to focus on the plight and reality of orphans around the world.  With a focus on God’s heart for the orphan and the call to Christians to act on their behalf.  Some churches are using all month to collect donations to help the orphans of the world because November is also National Adoption Month.

Due to our new adoption law in Haiti, the fees given to an orphanage to care for the children is being reduced by a couple thousands of dollars per child. Haitian Social Services has told us that we are to raise funds to care for these children by other means.

We do not want to compromise the care of any of the children in the orphanage. We want the same education, medical care, social worker review, amount of staff, food, that they receive now. But each orphanage no matter the level of care they provide will receive the same amount of funds for child care.

We believe orphanage care is more than providing just the basics for a child. We believe they should have the same nutrition, schooling, medical care as children living with a family. A baby without it’s mother should have baby formula and not just whole milk out of can that can make the baby sick. Your gift can provide the much needed baby formula for these fragile infants to survive.

Even for GLA with our support and donors from all over the world, raising funds is difficult and depends on so many factors in the economy. Your donations will help ease the pain of our financial burden and continue to help us give the children the best possible care we can.

For more ideas and resources visit the orphan Sunday website – www.orphansunday.org/ 

Please Ask Your Church and Family and Friends to Remember the Orphans at God’s Littlest Angels this Orphan Sunday!

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