Happy Thanksgiving from God’s Littlest Angels!  We thought today would be the perfect day to introduce you to our littlest blessings!

Kensley is 9 months old and has been here since he was about a month old.  Kensley has a colostomy, but should be going to have it repaired soon!  He’s such a big, strong, happy boy.  He loves to roll all over his bed, and he smiles whenever I talk to him!

Misfranda is almost 4 months old and has been here for about 3.5 months. Misfranda is here because her parents were injured when someone broke into their house shortly after she was born.  She’s big and strong now, and should be going back home to live with her family soon! 

Corine Eva (Eva) is also almost 4 months old, and has been here since birth.  Her mama died right after Eva was born, but her papa and older brother come to visit her on a regular basis. It’s obvious they love her so much!  She should be going home soon, as well!

Adner is 3 months old and has been here for about a month.  Like Kensley, Adner has a colostomy.  However, he still has several surgeries ahead of him.  He’s so sweet, and is getting better at holding his head up!

Christopher is 17 weeks old and has been here since birth.  He was just over 2lbs when he got here, and now he’s 11lbs!  His mama died after he was born, but he should be returning home to live with his papa soon!  He’s such a content and sweet little guy.

Landie is 10 weeks old and arrived about 4 weeks ago.  Her mama is young and has 2 other children, and wants to give Landie up for adoption because she feels she can’t take care of her.  We’re working with some other people to get mama a job, and it’s our hope to reunite Landie with her mama when she gets a little bigger!

Clodner is about 8 weeks old and has been here for almost a month.  His mama was very sick and had to go to the hospital, but he should be going home next week!  He’s such a big, happy boy!

Marie Madelene is 13 days old, and has been here for 3 days.  Marie was born with cleft lip and cleft palate.  Her mama and papa are so excited for her to return home after she has surgery in the spring!  We would really appreciate your prayers that she remains healthy until her surgery.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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