God’s Littlest Angels

Our New Guest House is being built!

Fort Jacques Guest House foundationOur prayer has been that we would be able to move all of the children to the Fort Jacques property quickly. We still need to build a home for the babies, the volunteers, a dining room, and housing for the staff. It has seemed like the list was never ending!

But God has always been faithful to our needs at GLA. God knows when we need funds for food, fuel, water, and building and He always sends someone to help us. Most times, the funds God sends are from unexpected sources and that is what has happened with our Guest House!

Rick and Jeanene Stephens from Champaign, Illinois came to God’s Littlest Angels as volunteers. Rick had attended high school with Dixie’s brother and they are still friends. Rick and Jeanene are strong Christians and God has blessed their family. They founded a company called Horizon Hobby Inc. along with Rick’s brother Larry and his wife Karen. Through hard work they made it into a very successful company, which they sold a few years ago.

But the Stephens have a strong conviction that their success is not about them and their abilities as much as about God’s blessing in their lives. They want to use the funds that God has provided for them to help God’s Littlest Angels by helping to finance the building of the Guest House at Fort Jacques!

We want to thank Rick, Jeanene, Larry and Karen for listening to God’s calling in their lives and their willingness to help the children of Haiti. They have been a great blessing to GLA.

Please consider helping to build one of the other needed buildings so that everyone at GLA can live at Fort Jacques and we will no longer need to rent property in the community.



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