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Please Make a Donation! We need your help today!

Our funding has been down for the last few months.  We do not have enough to pay our bills here in Haiti.  We need diesel fuel to run the generators so that we can run the incubator and oxygen machines, run the lights and computers for the school program, and to put fuel in the trucks so they can shop for food for the orphanage. Our current diesel bill is $15,000 and we use $12,000 of fuel per month.

We need to pay our water bill which is $1900 for each month and we owe two months worth.  We need to buy diapers and milk for the children which is $10,000 for 3 months.  We need medication for the children and vaccines so we can give the kids vaccinations every month which is $1200.  We have had problems with our batteries and backup system in almost every area and the cost to fix is several thousand dollars.

We have not been able to give any of our staff raises since January 2014 which is difficult since the Haitian gourdes has lost value and what used to cost 40 gourdes a year ago is now costing 51 gourdes today!  Our staff needs to be rewarded for their hard work.  The staff is pretty understanding but it’s difficult when they buy food for the family or pay for schooling and they just cannot do it on their salaries!  We just have not had the monthly funding to provide them with a raise this year.

The stress of trying to find funds to pay the bills is becoming overwhelming for all of us. Recently, I have felt like I’m climbing a mountain with no end in sight!  As we worry about funding and caring for the children, we have to start considering what programs need to be cut or services decreased.  None of us want to see any program cut. We provide free care for premature babies born in Haiti who need long term care along with providing a place for their mothers to stay too.  This is an important program that we do not want to cut.

Please help us by sending in a donation today.  Help us pay off these debts that we have here in Haiti hanging over our heads.  We have so much stress of just living here and being responsible for the lives and well being of the 74 children in the orphanage. 

Help take some of that stress off our shoulders by making a donation today to help us pay these bills that are due. Our prayer is to receive $50,000 to pay these bills that are due today.  Help us give the children and staff some security in their lives.

Please make a donation today!









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