God’s Littlest Angels

Please Donate your used Smart Phones to GLA

We need some donated smart phones for our staff here in Haiti. Phones are expensive here and they are not always the best quality. Miss Magaly’s phone gets used a lot and she has to change it frequently because it breaks or someone once reached inside the car and actually took it out of her hand as she was talking on it! Our construction workers at Fort Jacques desperately need some new phones and have asked if we can help them because they can’t find any they can afford here in Haiti.

A new phone here costs between $200 and $800 USD!  That is so expensive and our staff cannot afford to pay those prices but we need them to have phones.

If you have recently upgraded your phone and your old phone still works but may not have all of the bells and whistles the new phones have, would you consider donating it to GLA?  If you want to donate your phone, please package it in a padded envelope and send to our American office so it can be sent into Haiti.

Send your phones to:  God’s Littlest Angels, 2283 A Waynoka Rd, Colorado Springs, CO  80915.

The phones must use SIM cards to work in Haiti.


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