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Please Take a Moment and Say an Extra Prayer for Us!

Our move to Fort Jacques is a huge undertaking.  I get a little depressed and overwhelmed just trying to figure out where everything will go and what to give away and what to keep out of this huge baby house!

A part of me doesn’t want to move.  I like things the same.  I never rearrange my living furniture. Yes, I’m one of those people!  I want to be up at Fort Jacques and I want all of us to be together, I just don’t want to move!  But I keep telling myself that this is God’s Will and God will take care of us and make it all good in the end. 

There are a lot of decisions to be made because all of our staff cannot move with us.  Some of them have worked at GLA for 15 or more years.  Who stays and who goes?  One of our cooks is a young widow and we’ve allowed her to bring two of her children to live with her at the house because she had nobody to watch them for her.  We do not have room at Fort Jacques for her children to stay with her, but how do we send them away?

We have talked about buying some shipping containers and making them into staff housing for our workers.  We would like to place them at the bottom of the property next to the wall. It would be next to the septic tank these workers are digging by hand.

 We can buy them for $2100 per container and that cost includes delivery to Fort Jacques.  We could make simple housing with bunk beds and bathrooms and that would house our staff and the children of our staff that stays with us too.  We thought if we could get 3 of them and make two sleeping quarters and one small sitting area this would work but to buy the 3 containers and fix them up would cost around $15,000.  This is windows, inside walls, paint, and bathrooms. Would anyone be willing to buy one of the containers for the staff?  

We also need funds.  We need funds to get us moved to Fort Jacques.  There is still some finishing of the buildings before we move.  We need the neonatal intensive care to be painted and readied for the move.  We had someone put in extra outlets for us and that was a huge help.  The pink cottage also needs to be emptied, the children living there now will move to the yellow cottage which is being painted and readied today.  

We still need to finish building the two storage buildings for the medical supplies and pharmacy and the food supplies. The photo above is the medical/pharmacy storage with the nurse’s apartment above.  The photo below to the right is the food depot with a very small apartment above it.  It measures 20 feet by 16 feet.  We need to put in two septic tanks and water systems.  Both storage areas have small apartments above them and they need to have batteries and inverters installed so that they will have lights when we do not have city electricity or generator power.  We are so thankful that P&C Ceramics here in Haiti donated the tiles for the two storage buildings and apartments.

The list seems never ending but we are thankful that we have workers who are working Monday through Saturday to get everything done as quickly as possible.  If everything is close to being finished but not quite there, we will move anyway and make do with what is done and just keep on working!

These are some of the workers putting up blocks on the staff apartment over the food storage area. The block goes up quickly and then they can put on the roof and we can start finishing the inside!

So, please pray for us, the staff and the children that the month of July will see buildings completed and babies moved to Fort Jacques.  Pray that someone would be willing to donate funds to purchase the 3 containers for staff housing.  And most of all pray that God would bless us with the peace that passes all understanding and lets a calm and assurance come over us as we deal with the stress of this move. 

And Life in Haiti Goes On….

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