We need help buying food, water, and diesel for one month. Prices keep going up and our meal menus recently changed so that the children would be getting a more varied menu and more protein. Meat and beans are some of the most expensive food items in Haiti. We need $5000 for meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, beans, corn meal, spaghetti, and other food items for one month. We need $3000 for things like cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper items. Thankfully, it is the rainy season so our water bill is less than it usually is. Our fuel bill is high because we have had so many babies in the NICU and because of all of the incubators and oxygen equipment, we have to run the generator 24/7. We also have to buy baby formula, diapers, and medication. The costs are never ending for the orphanage.

Please help us. Donations are low right now but our costs remain the same. We have a lot of children here for assistance. The NICU admissions are mainly for assistance. When we have children here for assistance, this includes their mother or other family too. We provide a bed, clothing, and food for the mother as well and the babies.

Please give today. No donation is too small. Would you consider a monthly donation to help with food/ water/ or fuel?

Hear my prayer, O Lord; answer my plea because you are faithful to your promises. Psalm 143:1

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