Prayer Requests

Pray for the babies that are in need of nutritional help that God would show them where to come.

Pray that God will connect our agency partners with parents that are interested in adopting children with special needs, as well as older children.

Pray that God will provide us with volunteers that are willing to come to Haiti to help us minister to the children of Haiti - and that He will reveal to you if you should volunteer with us.

Pray that adoptions move smoothly and that passports be issued so that adopted children can go home to be with their Forever Families.

Pray that God will direct people to be willing to give donations to cover our financial commitments for rent, medical and living costs.

Pray for our volunteers. Pray specifically that the experience will enrich them and that they will remain healthy during their stay with us.

Pray for John and Dixie and the other staff at the nursery and toddler house that God would keep them in good health.

Pray for our transportation needs and safety while we do His work. Pray that God will continue to watch over the mission and protect us from evil.

Pray that the Haitian government will open the way for further expansion of GLA's ministries.

Pray for our building projects - that God will give us the wisdom to make wise decisions about all aspects of the project.

Pray for the children who have been brought to GLA by Haitian Social Services from orphanages that have been closed. Pray that they can be reunited with their families in the near future.

Pray for our increased community involvement in Fort Jacques; that God continues to help us grow our relationships here and shows us how to be excellent neighbors to the wonderful people living around us.

God's Answers to our Prayers

Children from all over Haiti show up at our gate needing help. Some of them tell us fantastic stories of how they found GLA. We see God's hand in the lives of these children from the very beginning.

Even during the worst times in Haiti, our volunteers have been faithful about coming and serving the children. We have all been safe and able to carry on the work of seeing the children well cared for and in having all of their needs met. God has watched over all of us at GLA.

For over six years, we asked people to pray for a new adoption law for Haiti. In November 2013, it was finally passed and took effect. This began a much needed reform for adoptions in Haiti overall and allows for better control of the entire process.

The main building project continues to be the gueshouse and all the associated work required to ensure it is built per the plans and in the most effective and efficient manner. Pray for the safety of all who work on its construction as it many times means working on scaffolding and ladders on building's second floor landing, which is already high off the ground.

God has provided sponsors for the children housed at GLA from closed Haitian orphanages. Pray that we can continue to find sponsors to help cover these additional costs of the childcare.

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