We are thrilled to announce that the triplets went home with their mom today! They came to GLA three and a half months ago weighing between 2lbs 7oz & 2lbs 10 oz. The biggest of the bunch now weighs 8lbs 8 oz & the smallest is 7lbs 9oz! They are healthy and happy. Please pray for them and their parents as they transition into this new, exciting season together. ⁣

We are incredibly grateful for your continued support that enables us to provide free medical care for little ones like the triplets. When we offer free assistance to families with premature or sick babies, it is because people just like you have given to help provide services to these families. We need to pay for water, diesel, vaccinations, medications, IV supplies, nurses, teachers, childcare workers, electricity, food, etc.  The costs can be overwhelming at times.

Today, we need $20,000 to help pay bills. Please would you consider making a donation to help with these costs so that we can continue to help babies like these triplets?  Only with your help are we able to provide the help these babies need.

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