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Preparing for Christmas in Haiti

Though Christmas is still almost 3 months away Widley has already started to ask on a a daily basis if it is tomorrow.  Which is a great way to remind us that we need to get started planning for their Christmas celebration  here in Haiti.  Since we don’t have the opportunity to run to the store for last minute things we like to start making arrangements well in advance.  Every year since I’ve been at GLA there have been wonderfully gracious hearts, teams, schools, churches, families, and individuals together that desire to help bring a special Christmas season to the kids here at GLA.

  • Some make stockings.
  • Some send craft supplies.
  • Some provide decorations.
  • Someone even brought us a tree last year!
  • Some bring gifts.
  • Some package candy bags.
  • Some send funds for a special dinner.

We’ve had people fly in specifically just to deliver gifts to make sure they are in here in time for the 25th! (HUGE HEARTS!)

Every year I am amazed at the giving of others to make the kids’ Christmas here a time of fun, a time of reflection on the birth of our Savior, and a season of light hearted memorable moments.   And every year I am thankful that you, who may not be able to come and physically be a part of the work on the ground here in Haiti are the reason that we are able to do, to provide, and to make a not so ideal group home life seem a little more “family” like in many ways.

Those of you who have made this possible thank you, truly thank you.  During the busy-ness of the Christmas season I always fail to extend a big enough thank you to explain how blessed we are by your thoughtfulness.  This is a slide show of Christmas from last year.  The toys and gifts were collected and donated by the Thomas Family and kids from CT Homeschool as well as several individuals who came and visited/volunteered in the months preceding.

If you would like to help us bring a special Christmas to the 64 kids of toddler house (ages 3-11) and 60 kids at the baby house (ages 0-4) please contact me at: molly@glahaiti.org for ways you can help!

Christmas Countdown




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