God’s Littlest Angels


We’re all OK.

I’m not going to say Sunday night didn’t put a scare into us all as for over 90 minutes a band of men (some of whom were armed) scanned the Fort Jacques facility.

But I will say we are all OK.

We are thankful for God’s protection in so many ways.

We are deeply grateful the men only entered one of the kids’ houses, that the kids lay still and quiet, most stayed asleep.

We are thankful that the two women who nanny in that house were calm, brave, and quick witted that they led the men outside to further their discussion and deterred them from any interest in any of the other kids’ houses.  Most of the kids slept through the whole thing, and some of the nannies too.  We are so so grateful.

We are grateful that the only other inhabited building they entered was our house.  We are grateful that no one was touched, assaulted, or in any way hurt.  We are thankful that though they lingered and took their time in no hurry to be on their way until satisfied with what they got they did not vandalize, harm, or take anything that cannot be replaced.

We are so very thankful we had EDH, that there was power and lights to turn on.

We are thankful that the police did indeed arrive in the middle of the night and fire warning shots in the air to clear and patrol the perimeter.

We are thankful for the safety and protection of each and every individual.

We are thankful for daylight after the darkness, for unity and masses, for neighbors and friends, for precautionary plans and preparations for another night.

We are thankful that the kids seem to be processing what they hear happened, asking questions, talking their feelings out, and over all seem to only have minor concerned about what happened, and very little fear of the night to come.

For all these things and so much more we are grateful. 

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