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School Sponsors Needed for 118 children!

We need school sponsors for 118 students this year.  These are students who were sponsored before and do not have a sponsor this year.

Would you sponsor a student?   We know that school fees here in Haiti are costly. This is the reason so many students do not go to school because the families cannot afford to pay for their education.Because there are so many students who do not have a sponsor, we are desperately in need of more sponsors and sponsors can pay to help these 118 students by paying $300 USD at the beginning of the school year which is now and then pay $25 per month.  If you want to help the student with school supplies which are $150 USD then that will still need to be paid for that at the beginning of the school year.  GLA does not have the funds to advance funds to the school to pay their enrollment fees.  That is why we need $300 now to help pay the admission fees of the schools.

If you can’t sponsor a student on your own, would you ask some friends to go in with you to sponsor a student?  If you have a Sunday school class, would you ask them to sponsor a student as a group?  If you have a business, would you sponsor a child and maybe put a jar on your desk asking people to help sponsor the child with you?

It hurts my heart to see these children not going to school.  Many of them have been in the education sponsorship program for several years.  I hate to see them sitting at home, unable to go to school, because we cannot find a sponsor for them.

If you can help in some way to send a child to school, please do so now.  If you cannot pay for a full year, just make a one time donation to the education program and that will go toward helping a student.  Haiti will change with education.  The more children who are educated, the greater change for the country of Haiti.

Please sponsor a child today!  Check out our sponsorship page for more information on sponsoring a student in school.



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