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Skilled Building Teams Needed at Fort Jacques

We need skilled building teams to help finish the school house and Staff homes at the new orphanage site in Fort Jacques.  Would you please consider bringing a few builders, plumbers, framers, etc and come to Haiti for a week to help get these homes ready for our Toddler House?  We want to have everything ready for the children to move by late summer 2014 and the only way we can do that is if we can get teams here to help us get it built!

Please talk to your friends, your church, your group, or your family and see if you can get people to come and build homes for the orphanage!

Available Team Dates:

April 7 – 28                Small group of 6 or less to stay at Fort Jacques and work

Month of May            We need some small teams of 6 or less who are skilled builders

June 1-15 and 23-30   Skilled Construction team up to 10 workers

Team Openings also available for the weeks of:

September 8               

October 25

If you are interested in coming, these places just opened up due to some last minute cancelled trips.  Write to Laurie, our volunteer coordinator,  and reserve your dates TODAY!

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