God’s Littlest Angels

S'mores Fun Around the Bonfire!

There are many perks to living up at Fort Jacques. Yes, we have cooler temps in the evening, but we also have a beautiful area to have a bonfire so Saturday night, we did just that! Thanks to some of our long term visitors, after all the kids had their bath and were bundled up in their pajamas, we bundled them up a little more and all headed up to the bonfire for some s’mores.

Our littlest children were in awe that they were going on a “late” night adventure and followed along in absolute wonder at where they could be going. Our older kids were so gracious to help keep the little ones on task of getting to the bonfire area (perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “herding cats”?).

We were so grateful to be able to have s’mores with all the kids, Haitian staff, and long term volunteers. It was a warm, sugar filled, and sticky night! Our oldest kids roasted the marshmallows while we worked to quickly assemble them for the anxiously awaiting kids. S’mores never disappoint!

Once we’d all had our fill, the younger kids headed down to bed while the older children hung out around the fire a little longer and shared some of their hopes for what they want to be when they grow up. We had quite the variety of answers! A girl who wants to bake cakes. A boy who dreams of being the captain of a ship. A girl who wants to be a teacher. A boy who wants to be a helper so he can help those that don’t have food and a place to sleep. And a boy what wants to be a carpenter so he can build houses for people that don’t have them. 

Hearing these kids dream is such a joy! To think of how the landscape has changed for our kids since they came to GLA and then to be able to hold on to hope of even greater things when they transition to their new families is such a picture of grace and mercy. We know that the journey isn’t always easy, but we also know that so many things worth pursuing, don’t come easy. 

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