A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, here in the NICU at GLA!

First of all, Dabens and Gardens, Clodner, and Corine Eva all went home with their families!  We love when we get to send babies home, big and healthy.  The looks on their parents’ faces is always so special to witness!

Marie Madelene went home to be with Jesus.  We all fought a long battle for her life, and then we loved her into Jesus’ arms.  It was a difficult day.

Kensley went for his surgery to have his colostomy closed!!  There were some complications and he was in the hospital for about 2.5 weeks, but now that he’s home, he’s so happy!  He’ll stay in the NICU until his incision is finished healing, but the sweet boy is ready to move up to the next nursery!  He loves to rock on his hands and knees and stick his hands through the bars of his crib and grab Adner, who sleeps next to him. 🙂

Adner also went for surgery!  He still has good moments and bad moments, but in his good moments, it’s so good to see the old, sweet Adner peeking out.  He still has several more surgeries ahead of him, but we look forward to the day when he’s completely healed!

Landie is growing quickly!  She’s getting so chubby!  She’s starting to enjoy sitting in the Bumbo chair. 🙂  She’ll be sitting up on her own before we know it!

Misfranda and her big smile are a favorite in the NICU!  She’s getting stronger and stronger and is going to be crawling before we know it!  She loves to push herself up on her arms and watch everything that’s going on.

Christopher is as sweet as ever!  He’s getting frustrated because at 5 months old, he’s tired of laying down all the time.  He loves the swing and the jolly jumper, but he’s so tiny, he practically swims in them!  We have to modify them by surrounding him by blankets, so he doesn’t fall over and hit his head. 🙂 He also loves to be held!

Evensly and Evelyne now weigh 4lbs 7.5oz and 4lbs 8oz!  Their faces and tiny bodies are starting to fill out!  They’re so sweet!  Their mama stayed for a couple of days, but decided she needed to go home to take care of her other 2 kids.  She’ll come back to visit, and looks forward to when they’re big enough to go home!


We’ve also received 5 new babies!

Next itty bitty Estherline arrived!  She weighed 2lbs, fully clothed!  The fight in her tiny body is amazing.  In one week, she has gained 10oz!  She’s sure to let us know when she’s hungry, too.  She’s absolutely adorable.  Her mama has stayed to learn how to take care of her, as this is her first baby, and she’s doing incredibly well!  When Estherline doesn’t need to eat, she helps feed the other babies. She’s also quick to correct us if we lay one of the itty bitties on his/her back, instead of their side. 🙂

Then Wiljamesky came to stay with us.  His mama died, so his mama’s cousin brought him to us.  At 12 days old, he weighed 2lbs 15.5oz.  The last week has been a rough ride with him.  His family only had water to give him, so his belly has had a hard time adjusting to the formula.  He got an abdominal infection and we had to start an iv and antibiotics.  He initially lost 2 oz, but we weighed him today and he’s gained 1oz back!  We’re hoping and praying we’re he’s turned the corner!  His mama’s cousin came to visit the other day and can’t wait for him to come home!

Wensley arrived Friday.  He’s a big, chubby, healthy 1 month old!  It’s been so funny to hold one of the itty bitties, and then hold him!  His papa passed away and his mama has 4 other children, and decided she can’t take care of him and she needed to put him up for adoption. Please pray for her heart, as well as for his future family.  (Unfortunately, the adoption laws in Haiti have recently changed, and we’re no longer allowed to match children with adoptive families.  After the adoptive family goes through their home country process, all of the information is sent to Haitian social services, and they match children with families.  So he’s probably got a long wait ahead of him.)

Finally, 2 days ago, Armson and Armsuse, another set of boy-girl twins, came to stay!  We’re not certain of their age, but they’re somewhere between 2weeks-1month old.  They weigh 4lbs 2.5oz and 4lbs 5.5oz.  They only eat a little at a time at this point, but they sure love to eat!  They want to eat about every hour, which is a really good thing because their tiny bodies need all the nourishment they can get!  Their mama also returned home to take care of her other children, and is excited for them to get big and healthy and then come home!

We so appreciate all of your prayers for our babies!  We’ve recently had a viral sickness develop in the NICU, so please pray for health and safety for each of our little ones.  Thank you!

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