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7 year old Girl Benefits from Funds Sent to Help Donald!

One of our nannies that works in the Intensive Care Nursery and is one of my best nannies has a daughter seven years old who has been sick now for about a month.  Jocelyne has worked at GLA for about 10 years. 

For several months, her daughter has had trouble vomiting and stomach problems.  For the last month, she has been in and out of the hospital.  Then yesterday, the doctors said she needed emergency surgery.  Part of her intestine is dead.  They told the family that they needed more than a $1000 USD for the surgery which they scheduled for this morning.

Jocelyne could not stay with Saina, her daughter, because she was trying to get the funds to pay for the surgery.  So her husband is with her right now. She says her family and her husband’s family have helped them over the last few months with medication and to help pay for the hospital stays.  They do not have any funds to help with the surgery.  Jocelyne is so sad.  She doesn’t know what to do except to come and ask for a loan from her work to help pay for the surgery.

When Donald needed his surgery for the shunt, funds were raised to put the shunt in but Donald died before the surgery could be done.  Those funds are there to help other children needing emergency care and who cannot wait for special fundraising efforts to get the money needed.  Saina cannot wait.  

I want to thank every one for their donations to help Donald because now we can help Saina!  That would not have been possible without your generosity.  Please be praying for Saina, Jocelyne and her family.  Pray that God heals her and that this surgery makes her well.

Twelve year old returns to GLA more than ten years after her adoption to visit her roots!

Her mother died at her birth and her grandmother became the sole provider for Jocelyne and her three sister and brother.  The grandmother lives in Cite Soleil and could not afford to feed the baby.  She brought her to GLA for adoption 12 years old.  Her adoptive mother is Haitian.  She wanted a baby since she could not have her own children.  She came to us searching for a child to adopt. 

We were so excited to see them again.  This is the first time they have returned to Haiti since they left with Jocelyne. Jocelyne is not her name today but I think of her as Jocelyne! She was a beautiful baby and she is a beautiful young woman.  

Jocelyne and her family had already visited with Jocelyne’s grandmother, sisters, and brother.  Jocelyne told her adoptive parents that if she got on the president’s list at school then they had to bring her to Haiti to see where she was born!  She was determined to come back and visit.  

I so enjoy when children return.  Haiti is a part of their soul.  I think coming back helps them to grow into well adjusted adults.

Chicken and Turkeys, OH MY!

We now have 12 baby chickens and 2 baby turkeys!  A man on our street raises turkeys and since my turkey eggs did not hatch in the incubator, we got 2 of his babies to put in with the chickens.  They are only a few days old but they are almost as big as our 3 week old chicks!  This is a photo of the baby turkeys to the left.

I did not know but turkeys are full grown at 6 months!  I figured that the turkeys are Thanksgiving time were a couple of years old but they are much younger.

When our chicks get a little bigger, we will be able to sex them and then decide how many girls we have and how many boys. (layers and roosters)  We really want eggs.  We will eat the roosters as long as we do not name them.  So far, I am not naming any of them although I do have my favorites!

We have some more eggs in the incubator and had a chick hatch about 3 AM this morning.  I do not know if any more will hatch or not.  They have not pecked through their shells yet so we will have to wait and see.

I think I could easily be a chicken lady farmer!  I would have cows, chickens, turkeys, geese, pigs, llamas, horses, etc.  Yes, I would! LOL

The Director’s House for the Toddler Area is going up quickly!

A Big Thank You to Jay and Jesse for painting the director’s house while you were here!  Our new Toddler House Directors arrived the first week of July.  They have temporarily moved into one of the other houses at Fort Jacques while they are waiting for their home to be finished.

At this time, the outside stair way is enclosed, walls are painted downstairs, tile is laid in the kitchen, interior walls are up and dry walled, windows are installed, and it is just requiring some of the finish work to be done. Where the boys are standing in this photo there is now an enclosed staircase to the second floor.

I know that Ingrid and Joel Rockemann and their children, Owen and Ella, are anxious to move into this home.  It has the most beautiful view overlooking the Toddler Pods and the ocean and Port-au-Prince.  We are so thankful that they are here and they are fitting in very well.  Thank you, Lord, for sending just the right people to fill this position!

Pastor Brandon and Nikki Jordan lead a team to Haiti from Louisiana!

Two weeks ago, we were fortunate to have Pastor Brandon Jordan and his wife, Nikki,  and their oldest daughter, Bailey, return to GLA for a week visit.  The Jordan family served at GLA from 2010 to 2013.  They returned to the States and we missed having them as part of our team.

They church that they attend in the USA is called Pathway Church in Lafayette, LA.  They built the stairway on the outside of the Director’s House at Fort Jacques and they also led a Vacation Bible School for the older children.

During that week, my oldest son, Patrick and his wife, Holli came for a short visit to help get the Guest House Building back on schedule and also to help our new American construction supervisor learn how to make contracts and work better with our Haitian macon crew.

We were just so happy to see everyone!  We miss people who have been here and left.  They may be gone, but we think of them often!

Some Potato Experiment Results

Well, the potatoes that were planted in the garden did fairly well.  They were not huge, but they fed us for a couple of weeks.  The potatoes in the 5 gallon buckets have not done so well.  They were little and very few actually grew.  We still have more 5 gallon buckets to empty that are not ready yet, but I do not have much hope that we will have a large harvest. The photo on the right below is our 5 gallon bucket potatoes! Kind of sad, huh?

We are still growing our tire gardens.  They are not ready to harvest.  Our soil here is so dense because it is heavy with clay.  I think I am going to have to buy some potting soil and mix in with the top soil or we may never have a good harvest of potatoes!

My brick raised gardens are also still growing.  I really hope that they will yield a good harvest but we will just have to wait and see!

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