God’s Littlest Angels

Sometimes "Thank You" is not said enough…

But I will call upon the Lord to save me—and he will. I will pray morning, noon, and night, pleading aloud with God; and he will hear and answer.   Psalm 55: 16- 17 Living Bible

Sometimes “Thank You” is not said enough whether it is us thanking God for listening and answering our prayers or saying “Thank You” to our Donors and Prayer Warriors who support us every day!  

As many of you know, we have been very busy this last month with all kind of things going on such as the move of the Toddler Houses to Fort Jacques!  We have also been struggling daily with financial needs and trying to keep food on the table.  John and I truly believe that God sometimes allows adversity into our lives to keep us on our knees in prayer.  God wants us to rely on him and not on our own works!

A group of five of us have started a group prayer meeting every morning. We want to bring before God the children’s’ needs, our staff’s needs, our financial needs, our spiritual needs, and anything that needs to be brought before God in prayer!

Today, God showed us that He is listening.  GLA received a donation from someone we don’t know and who wants to remain anonymous.  It was not a person who had received a newsletter or any kind of correspondence from us.  We believe that God sent this person to bless us!  We pray this is the first of such blessings and we want to say “THANK YOU, GOD!”  Thank you for hearing our prayers, answering our prayers, and blessing GLA through this anonymous donation!

We also want to say a HUGE “Thank You!” to anyone who has ever sent a donation to GLA.  We say “Thank You” for each prayer you have said for a child, our staff, our financial need, or just GLA in general!  We “Thank You” for remembering our 20th Anniversary on Christmas Day 2014. And we especially “Thank You” for loving all of the children at GLA!

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