God’s Littlest Angels

Speech Therapist and Physcial Therapist Needed!

We need a speech therapist and physical therapist to come to the orphanage and work with some of our children.  We need you to teach us what to do and give us hands on teaching because we have figured out that just telling our staff does not work very well!  They need to work daily with a professional and learn what they are to do well before left to do it on their own.

 This little girl on the left is the reason this has become very urgent for me.  Abygaelle never had a diagnosis.  She came in looking like a normal 3 month old baby and now has definite disabilities.  We could never figure out what happened.  But we think that Abygaelle has Cerebral Palsy.  She is starting to walk but has a balance issue. And she seems bright. 

I came down the stairs yesterday and our big Great Dane, Bruno, was with me.  Abygaelle was with her volunteer and she was crawling up the stairs.  The volunteer grabbed her as we came down and Abygaelle very clearly said “Hello Bruno!”.  I was shocked!  She has been talking more and more and I just feel that if she had someone working with her who knew what they were doing, that she would develop by leaps and bounds!

I also need a physical therapist to come and help us with some of our special needs children to teach us ways we can help them develop to their full potential. 

Please if you would could take a couple of weeks or a month and come to Haiti and help, we would be very grateful and you can help change the lives of our children!  You could also teach us how we can continue helping these children and any new ones who come later.




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