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God’s Littlest Angels

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Look What’s Happening at GLA Guest House!

Since our move of the Guest House to Fort Jacques, we have had to use the buildings we already have at Fort Jacques to house volunteers. Sometimes, it has made things very crowded for adoptive families, volunteers, and teams when they are all here at the same time! Several years ago, the Rick and Larry…

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Be Part Of Our $10,000 Matching Donation Campaign

We have an amazing family who wants to raise support for GLA and is willing to match up to $10,000 in donated funds. Your donation will be doubled! Be Part Of Our $10,000 Matching Donation Campaign gift, no matter the amount, will help us reach our goal. Please consider helping us match the $10K. $20…

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Hard Times In Haiti

Haitians are suffering. The exchange rate in Haiti is 79 gourdes per $1 USD. Some of the large food warehouses (depots) are closing because they cannot ask people to pay such high prices. A local market vendor spent all day yesterday looking for corn meal for her stand and returned last night with her money…

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Exciting Changes Make for Leaps in Learning

The children here at GLA love going to school every day because they adore their teachers and they love learning. Along with their learning subjects in both Haitian Creole and French (the majority of their text books are written in French), the last seven months have brought about some exciting changes for our children who are…

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