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Taxes and Matches

New Tax for all Visitors to Haiti effective 1st of July 2014

It was just announced that there will be a new tax collected on ENTRY into Haiti. Whether you arrive in Haiti by land, sea or air, you will pay  $10 unless you are a child under 5, a diplomat, or you hold an official passport.  The money you use to pay the $10 will be according to the passport you carry.  Americans will pay in US Dollars, Canadians will pay in Canadian Dollars and Europeans will pay in Euros.  We are assuming that if you do not live in a country using one of these currencies then you would pay in US Dollars.  It is similar to the $10 tourist tax that the Dominican Republic charges on entry to their country. So put an extra $10 in your pocket when coming to visit Haiti for this new tax!  Don’t forget!

Matches Given by IBESR

I have heard from several people that families have received matches since January and families have come for their socialization visits.  I haven’t gotten a clear picture if any matches have been given since April 1st when Haiti went totally Hague.  IBESR still tells us that no new matches have been made but maybe they mean since April 1st.  I don’t know, but I have a feeling that might be what they mean.  They just are not communicating that to us when we ask.

We have given IBESR a long list of proposed matches and also some pre-matches from agencies.  We are now waiting for IBESR to approve our requests and send out proposals to families.  If they work on the ones we have given them, we should have more than 20 matches soon!  We still have biological families going for interviews and visits to IBESR.  It is slow getting appointments for the parents and then getting them to come for those appointments!  Nothing is ever easy…

Hopefully, I will have some more news tomorrow about Parquet and Dispensations!

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