So thankful to be back in Haiti.

I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to help with John and my medical costs while we were receiving medical treatment in the States these last 6 months. Your prayers and financial help allowed us to get through the crisis that John’s cancer and my appendicitis caused us. Because of gangrene and infection, I was not able to do much for about 3 months. Everything just was a little overwhelming for both John and I.

Being away from Haiti is difficult. We have never before been gone from Haiti for 6 months at any one time. John did not come back yet to Haiti. The doctor said that he can come back in December for a month and then every few months after that. He will continue with Immunotherapy for a year but it can be moved around so it is not so strict about the timing of therapy. John is doing very well. He putters around his shop at our Colorado home and is going fishing a lot while the weather is nice.

For me, I love sleeping in my own bed and seeing my Haitian family of workers. Some of our staff has worked at GLA for 20 years! We have known them a long time. GLA is a family and as such we know the workers’ families and their history. Just having them come and give me a hug and pray for John, means a lot of John and I. They worry about us and especially about John’s health.

I came home to some big bills at GLA. We need donations so that we can buy fuel, water, diapers, medicine, and food. We need your help. Please consider making a donation to help with buying these supplies. Right now, we need diapers, food, and fuel the most.

Would you consider making a donation today please? No donation is too small. Blessings to all of you! John and I appreciate you all more than we can express!

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  1. Barbara Lanham Stultz

    This is Barbara Lanham – remembering finding your first Christmas Angel. How God has used and blessed you. I pray for both of you and the ministry God has blessed you with.

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