I originally wrote this 5 years ago.  The feelings are still the same so I just updated it a little bit. It’s been a tough day for us as we have remembered friends lost in the destruction. Children sent out to adoptive parents with very little preparation. The fear, the lack of communication in country, the government of Haiti falling on it’s knees in despair at the loss of so many people.  But Haiti has risen from the ashes.  It’s people are strong and resilient! They are survivors.  I’m very proud to have lived here for the last 26 years.  I’m proud to call it home…

The memories are still strong and it does not seem like 8 years has already gone by! I tear up still when talking about that period of time. I get this hollow pit in my stomach when I remember those hours and days after the first shock wave passed through. We had something like 60 aftershocks in the first 10 days after the “big” one!  Some of us experienced motion sickness because of all of the movement of the earth!

 I remember sitting on the tarmac in PAP waiting for a plane to land surrounded by GLA children, staff, and volunteers. Those feelings are still so strong. I don’t remember it all. Much of it is a blur. I don’t remember the exact date that children were evacuated or when we did this or that. Too many emotions, feelings, activities, fear, hugs, death, and I think my brain just shut down and we were all on auto pilot during that time! Out of all of the bad things from that time, good things came about because of what happened. Haitians came together to dig victims out of the rubble, to form groups who took food, clothing, supplies, into the groups of homeless Haitians. 

We’ll never forget, but will continue to move forward as Haiti fights to rebuild and improve. I THANK GOD THAT I SURVIVED THE HAITIAN EARTHQUAKE OF 2010! It was an earthquake felt around the world and touched the lives of many.

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