God’s Littlest Angels

The Children at GLA are Okay but Haiti needs your prayers!

Visitors leaving for the airport on Monday morning

Everything is quiet up here in our mountain village. No tires are burning or roads blocked. Friday night only, we had tires burning but it was short lived. We are doing well and the children are doing great. They do not even know anything is different.  I will not post photos of the city burning and the rioting, because you can find those everywhere you look on the internet.  They cause fear and anxiety but we want to report that we are all safe here.

We are unable to buy any water to fill our cisterns due to the fact that all of the gas stations are closed and the truck that delivers our water cannot find fuel. So we are going to be in water shortage mode and will be watching our usage of water even more closely than usual. All laundry needs to be done by hand and bucket baths only for the next few days.

Tim and the young men who work at GLA are out searching for drinking water and propane so we can cook the food. We do not know if they will be able to find any or not. Most of the little stores along the road are not opening because they are afraid of looting. We have limited cash here at the orphanage to use to buy supplies. We just do not keep a lot of cash in our office because we can usually get money at the market as we need it. UPDATE: They found drinking water and propane so we will be good for a couple of days! Hurray!

We have 17 visitors trying to make it to the airport right now. Their planes leave this afternoon. So far, planes are landing. Please pray with us for their safety. I added a photo of the convoy of vehicles taking them to the airport.

Most of our staff except for those living down in the city made it to work today.  Our poor night nurse, Miss Jeanne, has worked both nights and days since Friday!  She is exhausted.  God knows our needs before we do, and we have had 2 nurses from Australia here for the last 3 weeks.  They have been working in the NICU since they arrived and we have been so thankful that they were here.  They have helped Miss Jeanne this past 3 days.  It’s been tough but all of the children have been very well cared for even when people could not come to work!

We should have food. If nothing else, we will eat fried egg sandwiches! Our beautiful chickens are laying 2 eggs a day at the moment so we should be ok for a while. We are out of food for the chickens though. Simby, one of our workers, is out searching for food as I write this update. I pray he finds food or we may be eating FRIED CHICKEN instead of egg sandwiches!

Haiti is a country with many faces. Nothing is ever simple and the people are angry for many reasons. It’s not just about the increase in fuel costs. Continue to pray that things will stay quiet and that business owners will start to feel secure enough to open up for business.

And Life in Haiti Goes On….

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