God’s Littlest Angels

The Day After…

It’s impossible to not sit and think about what happened and to not go over the “What ifs” in our heads the day after the attack on Fort Jacques.  What if we had thought about the thieves throwing poison out to the dogs before the dogs had a chance to eat any hot dogs?  We knew that thieves do this routinely, why didn’t we think of the possibility quicker?  What if we had more lighting around the property?  What if we didn’t have such thick fog that night and could have seen more of what was happening on the security cameras?  What if it had been worse…?

We are just thankful that nobody was physically hurt.  In our almost 24 years of living and working in Haiti, we have never experienced armed thieves coming into one of our houses.  I know other missions who have experienced this multiple times.  We have always been so thankful that GLA has not had to go through something like this.

Patrick, my son, was here this morning.  He said how this has shook him up.  He had a difficult time sleeping and called the staff and guards who were patrolling last night several times.  He says being crouched in the hallway with Holli and Lilly while the men were trying to get in and hitting the door with their shoulders was rather traumatizing.  But keeping busy and working through it all is helping.  I am sure that each of the staff would say the same thing that it’s that sense of violation when someone comes in and threatens you that is the most difficult to deal with in the long run.

Molly wrote me this morning that everyone in the Toddler Houses was doing fairly well.  She said some of the children had a hard time sleeping and the ladies were still anxious but having security circulating all night around the property did help.

Some people have asked me about wanting to help donate phones for Molly, Joyce, and Melissa.  They all had older I-phones.  If you have a used I-phone that works and can be unlocked for use in Haiti, you can send it to our US Office for Molly, Joyce, or Melissa.

I ask that you continue to pray for protection for the children and staff at Fort Jacques.  We are continuing to make a plan for additional security measures that can be implemented from simple bars that can be placed on the inside of doors at night to security lights that can turned on to light up the whole property if needed.

Our faith and our trust is in God…

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