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The Hills Of Haiti are Alive With The Sound Of Music!

Hope Music School

Music is in the soul of all Haitians I think.  My staff sing all day long and sometimes dance with the kids or just along to a song. They hear music and their feet start moving! Most churches have bands that play during the service on Sunday.  I was up at 3 AM last night and I could hear music coming from somewhere outside our gate even at that time of the morning!

In Haiti, the kids will sometimes make homemade horns to play and homemade drums to beat!  They want to make MUSIC!!  This photo is not of the children at the church but this is typical of a Haitian community band. 

The Hope Church is just up the road from us and Pastor Colbert loves music.  He wants to see the children in the community learn to recognize notes and play a musical instrument.  It is a passion of his and he wants to pass it on to the children and youth of the area. 

He came to ask me for help.  He needs musical instruments donated to the school.  Some of you may have some instruments that nobody plays sitting in your home.  You may have a Goodwill Store or Salvation Army Store in your area that occasionally has musical instruments at a greatly reduced fee.  You may have a local school who is disposing of recorders or drum pads for beginning musical students and can ask them to donate a few to these Haitian Music students.

Bring a little music into these kids’ lives by donating instruments, supplies or funds to help get this school going and giving the kids a chance to learn to play a musical instrument!

Supplies Needed

 – 50 Recorders (looks like a flute)

 – Drum pads for beginners and drum sticks

 – Drums

 – Guitars: acoustic and electric

 – Keyboard instruments

 – Clarinets

 – Saxophones

 – Trumpets

 – Violins or any string instruments

 – Accordions

 – Guitar Strings

 – Microphones and amplifiers

 – Beginner books for guitars, piano, drums, trumpets, recorders, all instruments!

 – Notebooks, Pencils, Pens, Markers, White Boards

They are also looking for sponsors for their music teachers so that they can be paid or you can sponsor a student to help with the cost of supplies that are not donated.

If you have instruments to send, please send to our Colorado Office at God’s Littlest Angels, 2283 A Waynoka Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 or call us at 719-638-4348 and if we have volunteers coming then you could send directly to them and they would bring them into the Music School.

Consider how YOU can help bring music into the lives of these children!

Donate for Music


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