God’s Littlest Angels

The Kids Have Moved!

It is true!  The Toddler House children have moved to Fort Jacques!  This has been a dream of John and mine for the last 15 years and on Friday, it actually came true!  Thirty-five children moved to their new home after a month of anticipation.

Molly and Joyce had been packing for more than a month and moving to Fort Jacques all supplies that were not essential for daily life.  They had moved extra clothing, Christmas decorations, and lots of shoes!  Then they took down all of the beds and left the children on mattresses on the floors.  The children thought this was GREAT!  It was like camping to them!

Then last week, the school rooms were dismantled and everything was sent to the new school house so the classrooms could be set up and ready to go this coming Monday.

On Friday morning, nannies went up early to the new homes to sweep and mop all floors and to take the linen for each house and get it put away in the bathrooms.  The school house was also swept and mopped and tables set up for supper since the children would be eating supper at their new home.

All day on Friday, the main house kitchen rolled out dough and made hot dog, pepperoni and chicken pizza pockets for 110 people!  Cakes were made and chips bought.  Lots of sodas went on ice for the whole day so they would get cold and the children and all of the adults could enjoy nice cold drinks for supper!

Up until the time the children pulled into the gate at 4:45 PM, beds were still being made with new quilts and blankets and last minute things were being done.

Then we heard the horns at the gate and all of the way up the drive and through the property to their new home!  Kids were yelling and so very excited to finally be at Fort Jacques!  They were so excited that they pushed through the gate backwards and only were able to run through a few children at a time!  There was no stopping them once they had started and it was so fun watching them run into their new play area and homes!

The kids just went wild!  They climbed on the swings and monkey bars and went the slides.  The joy on their faces was just so fun for all of us to see!

At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted but we had so much fun!  They kids loved their first meal at Fort Jacques and then climbed into their newly painted beds and pulled their nice and thick quilts around themselves as they fell to sleep!  Fort Jacques is 20 degrees cooler than where they were living and they will need some sweatshirts and sweaters up there for those early mornings and evenings until their bodies adjust to the cool temperatures.  If anyone knits or can find a good source for children’s hoodies or sweatshirts, let us know!  The kids are pretty cold right now!

During the whole day, we posted on our Facebook page photos and videos throughout the day and into the night.  You can go check out our Facebook page and catch up on all of the photos and videos!



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