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I will see if I can remember a few of the other things that was spoken about at the meeting.  Diana Boni, an agency director for Haiti, told me some things that I missed.  I said I must have been spaced out during that conversation because I did not remember it at all!  LOL

  1.  A committee at IBESR will make the matches of the children and families.  The director of the orphanage where the child they are matching is living will be on this committee.  I did not hear this but Diana told me this was said.  I hope that is exactly how it goes so that we do have some say in the matching of our children!  We were told by IBESR that the directors of the creches would have no say once the Hague was fully implemented but things change weekly so I really hope we will have a say after all!
  2. There seemed to be some confusion in the Children’s Court between the two children’s judges.  Judge Gabard seemed to understand well the process but Judge Marlene was not as sure of exactly what went on in IBESR with the biological parents.  Judge Gabard has been in on this process from the beginning so he seems much more knowledgeable about the process.  Hopefully, the differences between what each judge requires will be ironed out and it will be the same for each of them.
  3. Haitian Government departments represented: Justice (courts both Civil and Children’s),  Immigration,  Archives,  Social Services (IBESR), and the Mayor’s office of Delmas.
  4. The Spanish Embassy was there, three representatives for foreign agencies, three creches directors, Mrs. Sawadogo for the Hague, the US Adoption Unit and the US Immigration/Home Land Security/ USCIS unit.  (You can pick what you want to call it!)
  5. IBESR has started to make matches as they have received completed documents from the Children’s Judges.
  6. Children’s judges are waiting for Mayor’s to come and sign documents for abandoned children so GLA will be pushing the Mayor of Kenscoff to go and sign!  She is very difficult to find.  I have asked for an appointment to sit and discuss this with her since the first of September and still have not gotten an appointment.  It would be great if we can get those 17 abandoned children’s documentation signed and back to IBESR so we can get those children matched soon!
  7. Haitian Immigration, Archives and the Mayor’s office personnel all made some comments and seemed like they have studied the new policies.
  8. As I understand it, family dossiers presented to IBESR after 1st of October 2014, will be treated as Hague Cases.  American Families will have to file an I-800A and I-800 for their children.  These must all be filed in the States and not in Haiti. Once we start presenting the “Hague” cases to the US Consulate,  the US Immigration Service will no longer be doing Orphan Investigations.  The job will fall on the shoulders of the State Department and the Adoption Section of the US Consulate.  They are hoping to be able to accept IBESR’s investigation of the status of the children that takes place at the beginning of the relinquishment process.  The US Consulate will be watching how IBESR follows through with their investigation and if they can do what needs to be with the amount of staff that they have.  I pray they can because none of us want to see these adoptions drawn out for 2 or 3 years or more.  Nor do we want to see an investigation of the child’s status at the end of the adoption AFTER the parent rights have been irrevocably terminated by the courts already!  So we will see.
  9. I brought up about a study I had read about post earthquake studies on orphans and donations and the the lawyer from IBESR asked me to send it to him in French if I had it.  I am glad they are interested enough about studies and what is being said to read up on it themselves.

I would really like to see the children in the process right now, who have matches, be finished quickly before too many new matches are made.  We need to get those children home with their forever families and I am praying that they make an effort to get these kids home before Christmas! 

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