God’s Littlest Angels

The True Test

August is summer school holidays for the kids at Toddler House. And every year we try to do fun things to entertain the kids and keep them busy. Some of our current kids have been living with us for 4 ½ yrs now and kind of “know” what they can expect out of school break. One of those things being a trip to Fort Jacques, which they have been asking about nonstop for 2 weeks. So Friday we were given the green light from John & Pat and with the help of EVERYONE here volunteers, adoptive parents, staff, and nannies we managed to pile ALL 43 kids from Toddler House into 5 vehicles and make our way up to Fort Jacques. The kids were pumped. 15 of them had never been before, only heard stories from the kids who had been. But what NONE of them were expecting was the newly finished Toddler House area playground complete with artificial turf. They were “jaw-dropping” A-M-A-Z-E-D… descended the playground stairs surveying all their options… then hit the ground running covering the entire playground within seconds. Sounds of excitement, laughter, and delight echoed in the rock walls as those who put so much time, effort, and energy into creating this oasis watched their masterpiece be enjoyed. It was a true test to all their work, and according to the kids it passed with flying colors. They hopped from teeter totters, to the tire swing, down the slides, on to monkey bars, to the chain swings, and back. Most of them had never felt “grass” before, and they were in awe. They cartwheeled, lounged, rolled, and crawled ALL OVER. It was just incredible to witness their delight, and we are beyond grateful to ALL who saw a vision for this future home play area for the kids, and gave, came, painted, scraped, leveled, nailed, and perfected this amazing oasis.



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