God’s Littlest Angels

Three Babies Admitted to the NICU today! Prayers Needed!

Today was a busy day at the nursery!  As twin baby girls were sitting with their papa on our front porch, a clinic was texting us to see if we could take twins and a preemie who could not hold his temperature!  With Emily, our nurse, out of country, I did not want to take too many babies especially if they are fragile.

After some deliberation the clinic decided that the twins who came could stay with them because their temperature had stabilized and they were doing better.  They will transfer them later if their condition changes.  They did want to send a baby boy named Loveson who weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce.  Loveson is tiny.  He was having trouble with a low body temperature but when he arrived here his temperature was 103.6!  So we will watch him closely to make sure he doesn’t get cold again.  His mother is here and is breast feeding him. She will stay with Loveson.

A local Dutch missionary brought us twin baby girls who she was helping for the last few weeks.  Their mother died giving birth to the twins.  Papa cannot care for them by himself and asked to give them for adoption. The girls are Catiana and Camensia and both weigh exactly 4 pounds 2 ounces!  They are cute babies. But they also are having trouble stabilizing their temperature.  All three babies are in incubators.

Please pray for the babies and for their families.  Pray that their temperatures will stabilize, they will take formula well, and they will stay healthy.

If you would like to help support our NICU, please give so that we can continue to take in these tiny babies.


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