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Ti Jocelyne Needs Help. She Had Surgery Today. Can You Help Her?

Ti Jocelyne first came to GLA as a homeless mother with a tiny baby boy. Her family had kicked her out with her baby.  The US Military found her living in a cave in 1998.  She started working for GLA in 2001 but visited frequently after she took Endy, her son, back to her family’s home.  She has been a faithful employee and used to help me so much in the NICU, even learning CPR and helping me start IV’s!

Ti Jocelyne has been sick off and on for the last year.  The doctor said she needed surgery urgently.  So today at the local mission hospital, a surgeon we know very well, did her surgery for her.  Because we know him well, and used to work at the same mission back in 1992 – 1995, he gave her a good discount but the cost is still almost $1000 USD and she does not have that kind of money.  A Men’s Bible Group has donated $350 but we still need $650 to pay the hospital.

Can you help cover Ti Jocelyne’s hospital cost?  Also will you pray for Ti Jocelyne as she has the surgery and recuperates for a couple of months at home?  I love Ti Jocelyne so much and she is great with the kids.  They love her too!

Please pray about helping her.  She does not need the stress and worry of trying to find the funds to pay the hospital at the same time she is having surgery and recuperating.  Use the donate button below and please put in remarks: SURGERY.


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