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Toddler House Needs Books!


We have been blessed with lots of donated school supplies in the last several weeks to replenish our teacher’s bookshelves and the kids cubbies, gearing up and ready for the beginning of the new school year.  Pencils, Notebooks, Markers, Scissors, Erasers, Pens, Folders, Rulers, Sharpeners, etc.  By the end of last school year we were scraping week by week for for most of those items, so this has been a huge blessing.  But though the supplies are here, the students are (will be) ready, and the teachers are set to arrive at 8am on Monday September 1st we have one major problem…no textbooks.  

Buying school books in Haiti isn’t easy.  All the books are published here in Haiti and though there is one main distributor none of those stores carry more than a handful of their chosen product at a time, making it impossible to show up at the book store and walk away with all of one kind of book needed, let alone more than one subject.  Each August Miss Magaly spends a combined total of 12 or more hours stopping at every bookstore, and street vendor to barter and buy a book here and a book there to fill our teachers’ list of needs for their students.  We buy at the start of the school year for the entire 11 months.  Each student requires between 8-12 text book/work books for the year.  For a total of  425 books this year.  Books range in price from 3-5$ USD.  This depending on whether they have answers already written in then from a previous owner, are copy quality, or are sealed books.  We’re looking at a bill for our 43 students for 1 year of between 1500-2100$ USD this year.  This is usually pulled from general fund donations.  This year we don’t have it.  The kids will not be starting on Monday if we can’t get in donations to cover cost of their books.  Unfortunately  there are no free Creole/French curriculums online that our certified Haitian teachers would be able to use, nor do we have the media and copy facilities for them to use them even if that was an option.  If you’d like to buy books for one of our students this year, please make a donation through the donate button at the top of the screen or send a check to the Colorado office.  Mark your donation Toddler House Text Books so we can be sure to count those funds towards our GLA kids’ education.  

As always, THANK YOU, for your generosity and support, its because of you that we can do what we do.  

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