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Tuesday's Meeting with the Director of IBESR

I feel like our meeting on Tuesday with Mme Arielle Villedrouin went very well.  I feel like she really listened to us and is going to try and help us find solutions to a few concerns that we have.  I have been trying to get an appointment to see her since October.  It is impossible to get a confirmed appointment!  At the IBESR meeting last week, I was able to ask her directly about getting an appointment and she gave me one right there and then!

I wanted to talk to her about the orphans that came to us from the orphanage in Kenscoff that was closed in May 2012.  These children have now been at GLA for 19 months and IBESR seems to have forgotten them,  Magaly and I have made numerous trips to IBESR asking them to think of a more permanent resolution of the children’s situation.  We asked that they be allowed to go home with parents or family who have been found or maybe have them moved to a long term orphanage situation.  Some of the children could be abandoned since no family has been found and then placed for adoption.  Our social worker, Nesly Louis-Jean, wrote up a beautiful report on all of the children and some of their problems.  Some of these children had been treated badly, were extremely underfed, and been exposed to things that no child should be exposed to at their ages.

Mme Villedrouin promised to look into the situation and find a solution quickly.  Most of these children are sponsored in our child sponsorship program and we could help the families send the children to school once they have returned home.  The children want to go home.  They want to be with their families.  Until recently when we were able to make room for beds, these children were still sleeping on the floor of the classroom!

Please pray that IBESR will listen and help find long term care for the children in a safe environment.

We also have several dossiers that are “stuck” in IBESR for one reason or another.  We took our list and went to see the person in charge of knowing everything about each dossier that has been submitted to IBESR.  Since we had quite a list, he is looking all of them up and will write a report for us on each one by Friday.  Some of the problems we just need clarification on them.  What exactly does IBESR want in each case.  One document they asked for was very expensive when we went to the Civil Court to have it done.  They were asking $2000 USD for each document and I needed 5!  $10,000 for 5 documents and I told IBESR that we could not pay that so they needed to come up with a different solution!

He was also going to look into the dossier waiting in Dispensation and others who received dispensation but had not been signed by IBESR.  Sometimes IBESR can be a dark hole when it comes to finding out where a dossier is sitting and what problem it may have or what needs fixing.

Over all, I think it was a good day at IBESR!  I hope to have some answers by Friday and then we can plan on where to go from there.  Please pray for all dossiers in IBESR and that they will be released soon.

We have our first family coming for socialization on 6th of January.  Please keep this family and child in your prayers.  Two weeks is a long time to visit a child and then leave them.  We pray that it all goes well…

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