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Unpredictable Hurricane Irma coming our way!

The weather reports say Hurricane Irma might hit Haiti but then some say the eye should be north of us and only the northern cities are under a hurricane warning. So we really do not know what to expect at this time.

We are taking precautions and boarding up windows at the school just to be safe.  All of the children including our three babies in incubators will all go into the first floor of the school probably on Thursday if the rain and winds come our way.  It will not be difficult to move the bigger kids and their beds.  It will be more difficult moving the incubators, oxygen concentrators and enough emergency supplies in case they are needed while we are in our evacuation room.

When we built the school, we made the first floor hurricane resistant.  The walls are made of stone, block and cement.  The ceiling is cement.  The windows are special impact resistant glass.  This is the safest place on campus for the children.  The top floor of the school house is made of wood, so winds might blow it off but the downstairs should still be safe. 

With Hurricane Matthew in October of 2016, the children spent a few days in the evacuation room and we lost trees and some roofs were damaged, but the children remained safe.  Now the building was not dry and water ran over the floor from the force of the winds blowing against the walls and coming through the walls, but everyone was safe if a little damp!

Please join us in praying for everyone here in Haiti and that Hurricane Irma will miss the island or at least not cause too much damage.  Pray for the children and staff of GLA that we all remain safe and protected from damage from the winds and rain.

We will try to keep everyone updated on the storm as it passes by us through our Facebook page and blogs.  Haiti is still trying to come back from the damage done during Hurricane Matthew a year ago.  We do not need anymore damage from Irma!

And Life in Haiti Goes On…


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