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God’s Littlest Angels

Update from the NICU

Since the addition of our new NICU here in Haiti, we have been privileged to provide safe, free and high quality care to a large number of premature babies and their families. 

April 11th saw the addition of triplets and we instantly went from a calm and quiet workspace into one that was flooded with precious, tiny, critically unwell babies. 

We met the car at the top of the hill leading down to our NICU and what a sight! That car was packed with paramedics, EMT’s, new parents, and of course, three little babies with IV’s connected to the roof, oxygen tanks at their feet, bundled in blankets and fast asleep. We walked together down the steep, rocky hill and one of the paramedics said “I can’t believe there is a NICU out here!” 

It took a mighty team to help settle, stabilize and monitor the health of these babies and we are so grateful for each person who lent their time, money and expertise to keep these babies alive. 

The largest of the three and only boy, was born weighing 2lb 5oz. He required CPAP for three days post delivery, but weaned to oxygen shortly after. He required respiratory stimulants for a few days which helped his little body adjust to life on the outside. 

The girls were born weighing 2lb 4oz and 2lb 2oz. The bigger of the two adjusted well to life and only required a little oxygen, which she shortly weaned off of. 

Her little sister however, was not in a stable condition. She required CPAP for a week after birth and needed respiratory stimulants to keep her little lungs working. She developed an infection and was treated with high dose IV antibiotics. She required respiratory resuscitation twice as her little body tired and she stopped breathing; but she was a fighter! It was a great delight to watch this baby girl slowly stabilize and eventually wean off her oxygen and medications. We are so grateful for the provision of medications here in Haiti and for each person who donates to help us purchase what these little ones need to stay alive. 

Today our NICU is busy with healthy, growing babies! Each of the triplets is receiving milk feeds and gaining weight at a steady pace. The last two weeks have seen the slow progress of these babies graduating from their incubators to a crib and we love being able to have them all side-by-side again. There is nothing quite as precious as watching a little one reach out and grasp the hand of her sister. 

Although the work of growing premature babies is usually very slow and steady, each day we are thankful that God has placed us here and that he knows and loves us; especially the littlest ones!

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  1. Blanche Loeber on June 12, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    May our mighty Lord continue to bless your work with these tiniest of treasures!

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