All of our itty bitties are continuing to grow!  They’re getting so big!  Here are a couple of updates and some photos to enjoy.  Some of our babies even got to be reunited with their families over the past couple of weeks!  Praise God!

Evensly weighs 7lb 8oz.  He’s so strong and he’s making eye contact and trying to talk!  Today he even got a couple of sounds out, for the first time!

Evelyne weighs 6lb 14oz.  Her nickname is “Princess” because she’s such a sweetheart!

Estherline weighs 6lb 5oz.  Her mama is doing such a wonderful job with her!  She’s getting so chubby.  She could use some prayers right now, as she’s fighting a miserable cold.

Erlain weighs 7lb 1oz.  He’s so alert and loves to watch everything that’s going on around him.

Wiljamesky weighs 6lb 13oz.  He such an laid back, easy-going little guy.  He loves to be held.

Armson & Armsuse both passed all of the qualifications and went home this past week!  Their mama was so happy.  It was such a sweet send-off!

Christopher also went home!  Finally, he passed the qualifications, and his papa had everything ready to receive him at home.  He was so excited to start his life with Christopher!

Wilfrid also went home!  We’re so excited to have been able to reunite him with his family!

Thank you for your continued prayers for all of our little ones!  We appreciate you so much!

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