God’s Littlest Angels

Update on Baby Ralph

Baby Ralph’s mother came back to the orphanage without the grandmother on Monday.  She wanted to take baby Ralph home.  I had told the mother to go home over the weekend and really think about baby Ralph and whether she wanted the baby for adoption.  I told her that after things settle down that she may realize that she wanted Ralph to come back home.

He had no problems with the bleach episode.  So I think he must not have ingested enough to hurt him or none at all.

I did make the mother go to IBESR and explain everything to them on Monday before I would let her leave with Ralph.  I told her that I would not release him without their permission, just in case something happened.  So she went to IBESR and they called me and said that they felt the baby was not at risk and could go home with mom.

So he was bundled up and put back into Mom’s arms and sent back to live with mom!  Please keep him in your prayers that all will go well!

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