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Urgent Prayer Needed for Fort Jacques Staff and Children

First, I want to say that no children or staff were injured last night at Fort Jacques.

After midnight, several armed men entered the Fort Jacques property looking for money. They climbed over a gate at the bottom of the property and then broke the gate open. They entered one of the toddler homes but did not hurt any children or nannies. They asked for cell phones, money, and where the other houses were on the property. Many of the children seem to have slept through the whole thing.

After leaving the Toddler Houses, they moved up to the shop area and then attempted to enter both Molly, Joyce, and Melissa’s home and Patrick and Holli’s home. They didn’t kick in doors or break windows but they were very threatening. They did successfully enter Molly, Joyce, and Melissa’s home and rob them of money and small electrical items. Lots of gun shots were involved and it was very scary for everyone.

They were on the property for a total of approximately 90 minutes. Two of the dogs on the property were poisoned and died. Both were family pets which makes it very difficult, but they barked and alerted people to the thieves movements around the property so they did their jobs. Another dog was shot with a shot gun pellets but was not badly injured.

Police came pretty quickly for Haiti and the police have had good follow up today.The Fort Jacques community has rallied around the orphanage and asking how they can help. Unfortunately, none of the thieves were caught. Tonight, we have increased the security on the property and also secured the gate that was broken. More security measures will be taken to make the houses and property more secure and we’ve requested one of the security companies to come and assess the property and tell us how we can improve security.

We are very thankful that God protected everyone and nobody was hurt. We will watch the children and staff to see if they will require some post trauma therapy. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Check out Molly’s blog at Kidz Korner for more information.



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